Eye Injuries

    Be extremely careful and gentle when treating eye injuries. Floating objects in the eye which can be visualized may be flushed from the eye with water. If the object cannot be removed in this manner, the victim should seek medical attention. NEVER ATTEMPT TO REMOVE OBJECTS EMBEDDED IN THE EYE! First Aid care for these injuries consists of bandaging BOTH eyes and seeking professional care promptly! An inverted paper cup covered with a bandage is appropriate for serious eye injuries while the victim is transported to the hospital. For chemical burns of the eye, wash the eye with copious amounts of water for 15 to 30 minutes. Then wrap a bandage around both eyes and seek professional help. Eyes are delicate and sight is precious! Prompt professional attention to eye injuries is required to preserve sight!

    Apply a clean blindfold or dressing to the wound without pressure, which is adequate until you receive medical attention.