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"John Hanson"

"J Hanson"

"Jonathan Hanson"

"Jon Hanson"

Simple SEARCH for "hanson" or "hansen" will return exact matches for that particular spelling.

That's great if you are sure of the spelling. If you are not sure, sometimes just using the starting characters such as "hans" will give you the results you need. Unfortunately, sometimes that will give you too many results.

You will find you get different results with each of the SEARCHes offered. You may have to use simply first initials or abbreviated first names OR be much more specific by using exact first names (in combination with last names) to limit the numbers of results.

Try to REMEMBER which DIRECTORY you selected for your SEARCH. You will want to use the same DIRECTORY again if you are successful in your SEARCH. Each of the various DIRECTORIES has their own method of searching and each is updated on their own schedule or contains information from different sources. You may find the results in one DIRECTORY and NOT in another.

Let us know which DIRECTORY you like and dislike, as we intend to list the best resources and put the very best near the top.    Click [HERE] to get more HELP by eMAIL response to your questions or suggestions or complaints! eMail us: